W-kracht plants one hectare forrest in Zedelgem

In Hoogveld, a new nature reserve for Veldegem and surrounding areas, no less than 2380 trees will be planted in the weekend of November 21 and 22, 2015. As a company from Zedelgem, W-Kracht is putting its weight behind this joint initiative of Bos+, Natuurpunt and the city Zedelgem. W-Kracht is taking on the costs for the planting of 1 hectare of forest.

Second wind turbine on industrial site Hoogveld in Dendermonde

In the autumn of 2015 W-Kracht obtained the environmental permit for the exploitation of a second wind turbine on the industrial site Hoogveld in Dendermonde. The building permit had already been granted over one year earlier. W-Kracht will commence the construction of this wind turbine in the first quarter of 2016.

W-kracht commits to nature restorations of the Molenkreek in Sint-Laureins

W-Kracht committed itself in the beginning of 2015 and in association with Natuurpunt, to take on a substantial part of the costs for the ‘Nature restoration of the Molenkreek in Sint-Laureins’ as environmental compensation. Besides the environmental value and function of water buffer, the many creeks in the region Meetjesland form one of the most important landscaping and historical norms. Recovery of this part of the creek also creates added value in these respects. Natuurpunt owns these grounds and guarantees that the environmental compensation it is realising here on behalf of W-Kracht will remain in place for a term of at least 27 years.

Wind turbine project in Bruges

At the end of 2014 W-Kracht was granted the environmental permit for the exploitation of 2 wind turbines on the site of B-Park, alongside the Blankenbergse Steenweg in Bruges. Mid-2015 W-Kracht also obtained the building permit for the construction of both wind turbines. Construction of the project will commence during the first quarter of 2016. The first charging station for electric cars in Europe will be built on the site of B-Park in order to directly supply locally produced green energy to electric vehicles.

Wind turbines in Puurs alongside the A12

W-Kracht obtained the permits needed for the construction of 2 wind turbines on a site alongside the A12 in Ruisbroek (Puurs) in the summer of 2015. Construction commenced in October 2015. The turbines should be operational by the end of the first quarter of 2016. They will supply power to about 2300 Flemish homes.

Wind turbine project in Kontich-Rumst

In the spring of 2015 W-Kracht was granted the environmental permits for the exploitation of 4 wind turbines along the motorway E19 on the territories of the cities Kontich and Rumst (Reet). An appeal against these permits is currently pending.

Wind turbineon the industrial site Hoogveld in Dendermonde

In 2013 the building of a wind turbine commenced on the site of the company Sivafrost at the industrial site Hoogveld in Dendermonde. This wind turbine will mostly produce power to the local company. A system was implemented to maximise the energy withdrawal on the company site in cooperation with the Flemish Institute for Technological Development.

W-kracht builds 6 wind turbines on industrial sites in Olen and Geel

At the end of 2012, W-Kracht obtained, in collaboration with the Geo-Groep from Geel, the necessary permits for the construction of a wind farm on the industrial site ‘Lammerdries’ in Olen and Geel. It is a project of 6 wind turbines, placed parallel with the Albert Canal, which will offer a maximum of green energy for the local businesses. Construction started in the autumn of 2013. The turbines were activated mid-2014 and they form the first large project in Flanders where the local production of green energy of six wind turbines is used to a maximum by the local businesses for their own industrial needs.